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In short, I’m a writer of Congolese-Hungarian origin, living and writing in Los Angeles, CA. In March, 2016, I finished a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing at the University of California in Riverside, where I studied fiction, creative non-fiction, journalism, playwriting, and screenwriting.

The forms closest to my heart are:

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I am currently focusing on my first novel, as well as a linked short story collection.

Some of my favorite writers include:

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I write alone but revise best when there is a sense of camaraderie surrounding me. I am looking to connect and collaborate with people who are equally committed to living the grueling yet rewarding life of a writer. If you are open to exchanging criticism of work in the genres I listed above, or know of a cool writers’ group, literary event, or just want to network, please get in touch via email or social media.